Birth Support

Doula support packages for Easier Birth

Experience shows that relaxation is very important for a beautiful, meaningful pregnancy and childbirth. Together we look for what your mind and body need to relax and get the focus on yourself and your baby. For this purpose I will use all my knowledge to support you with relaxation and pain relief techniques such as: balancing techniques, homeopathic remedies for childbirth, Massage, Moxa Fanning, Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) cupping massage, Pressure Puncture, Mindfulness exercises, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Visualisation, Spinning baby exercise, Rebozo technique, bath birth orientation, Bengkung Belly Binding. 

You can use all kinds of support and material for all packages; you have access to my library (videos, books, recipes, birth ball, use of birthTENS).  I also provide Postnatal Support after childbirth and more. Reduced prices on all other services and follow-up appointments

Below is an overview of services for you.

 During the preparatory talks we will discuss breathing techniques, barring positions, exercises and movements, the process of childbirth, hormones, (fear of) pain, how to deal with it, the role of and support by your partner, but also all your questions and wishes.

Extra treatments

Of course you can always add extra services from the list below

Coaching / Awareness Treatment

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Postnatal Depression Trajectory

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Baby Bounce position treatment

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Overtime treatment / broken fleece / no contraction treatment

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Doula Support – Abortion

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Belly Binding

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Mother Blessing ritual

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Rebozo closure – opening/ detox ritual

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Balance and condition during your pregnancy

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Partner lessons/ Childbirth Education

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Partner lessons/ Childbirth Education – Group workshop

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“Pregnancy is the beginning of a new you and Parenthood”

From the beginning, start connecting – balancing your body, soul, mind  and your baby. With daily activities I will help you to empower yourselves, guide you through discomfort during pregnancy, balancing techniques and smart birth positions for a confident, comfortable birth.

And Parenthood!

Coaching / Awareness Treatment (8x 1.5 hours)

Duration of a programme is 8 sessions spread over a period of 8 to 9 weeks (if needed). 

Individual coaching sessions (90min)  

There are curious moments in your life when you want to tell your story to someone with a listening ear or just in confidence.  

Tension, problems in your work, relationship or in a hormonal change, fears, can cause you to become unstable and/or far from your own strength.  

During the individual coaching moments you will gain insight into your blockages. In-depth and powerful exercises will experience space and from awareness we will work together on integration and transformation. 

I will guide you with the emphasis on feeling and the now. By learning to listen to your body and to understand the signals, your personal awareness will grow, trust yourself and easily deal with different situations. 

The coaching sessions can be enhanced with alternative emotional support such as massage, reiki, meditations and Bach Blossoms.

Postnatal Depression Trajectory (8x 1.5 hours)

Duration of a programme is 8 sessions spread over a period of 8 to 9 weeks (if needed). 

Individual coaching sessions (90min)  

POSTNATAL Depression coaching sessions 

During the postnatal period so much happens at the same time that sometimes there is no time for yourself if you don’t pay attention to it. Everyone experiences pregnancy and childbirth in their own way. And every woman also looks at motherhood in her own way.  

Usually you only hear beautiful stories about new born mothers, but it is possible that you experience it differently than you expected. After childbirth it is quite normal that you feel a bit gloomy for a few days because of the hormonal change, your feeling of gloominess remains too long, seek help. 

 In 8 sessions we can use a practical PND programme to give you an insight into whether the somberness symptoms are temporary. We work from awareness, integration and transformation. If you need further professional help, I will refer you to the right institutions that can further support you in this.

Baby Bounce position treatment


Usually it all goes very well when you are physically fit and active, and sometimes you hear from the breeder that your baby is not yet in the right position or breech position. This means that we have work to do 😉 we will work on this together with your partner.

– We will again look for space and balance with practice and technique, especially in the pelvic area.
– Exercise that will give space to your baby in the uterus so that the baby takes the optimal position.
– I will give you exercises that you will have to do on a daily basis (I will help you with this).
– You will get a massage in which I will use Moxa, Reiki and Acupressur.
– Same we are going to practise Rebozo techniques that you can do at home afterwards.
– Homeopathic remedies can also be very helpful here

In most cases, after a few weeks, your baby will be in the optimal position for delivery.

In short, we are going to prepare your body and baby for delivery.

Moxa and Spinning Babies treatment for breech presentation (including 1 Moxa stick for use at home) in combination with acupressure (from 35 weeks, 1 ½ hours)

Overtime treatment / broken fleece / no contraction treatment


We achieve the best results if we can start treatment after 39 weeks. 

1 Appointments of c.a. 2 hours
Various techniques will be used according to your needs: homeopathic remedies, visualisation, full body massage, moxa, cupping, rebozo, spinning babies/positions, acupressure, polarity massage, herbs, plus 100ml of tailor-made massage oil with organic essential oils

Scientifically, we do not yet know exactly when a baby will be ready, which is why time is linked to it.
Pregnancy is a natural process and therefore your body and baby need enough time for nature to do its work too late. If your body needs a boost we will support the process with different treatments and tricks. A few days before I come to your home for your approximately 3 hours of treatment, I will give you some advice on what to do to wake up your body.

– Homeopathy remedies (if you wish)
– Full body massage
– Chinese cupping
– Moxa (you get a stitching)
– Acupressure
– Aromatherapy
– Reiki
– Polarity
As you can see, all of these methods are designed to get your energy moving and bring your body into balance.

I will talk to you and your baby. I assure you that you will come out of this session relaxed and that it works! So far these treatments have yielded great results with my clients within 3 days 😉

Overtime massage treatment in combination with homeopathy, acupressure and relaxation techniques (from 41 weeks, 1 hour).

Doula Support - Abortion

  • Introductory meeting
  • 2 meetings in advance, to be filled in as desired
  • Unlimited online support
  • Physical and emotional support during the whole process / releasing / abortion clinic
  • Reduced prices on all other services
  • 1 meeting afterwards, to be filled in as desired

more information:

A listening ear or just telling your story to someone in confidence. Everyone experiences pregnancy in their own way. And every woman looks out or looks back on the upcoming birth in her own way. When there are things you find unpleasant, or when there are fears or traumas, it can be nice to share your story with someone. To have someone who really listens to you and is there for you. Your story is safe with me. I don’t find anything crazy or weird, so you can share everything with me. And if you want to, we’ll see if and how we can give things a place together. With my years of experience as a social worker, I can support you in this. If you need more than just an interlocutor, I can help you find the right expert. For the coaching sessions, I agree with you which environment you would like to be in at that moment or in which way you would like to share your story. Maybe you would like to take a walk with me to literally let the fresh wind blow through your head. Or maybe you just want to be creative. We look at what suits you because I want you to feel comfortable.


Pregnancy massage (Full body 1.5 hours)

Full body Massage (1.5 hours)

AromaTouch Massage

(back, neck, arms, had and foot massage)

Foot – hand massage

Baby massage

(I also teach you how to massage your baby)

More information

For all massage sessions you will receive a free 100ml of massage oil with organic essential oils that I will make for you.

In all massages I combine different massage techniques such as Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) cupping massage, moxa, acupressure, reiki, polarity massage and more.

A body massage is always super nice but during pregnancy it is almost a must. Your body is changing a lot and demands a lot from you with all the hormonal changes.

I have been trained in performing a whole body massage and also in different kinds of (partial) massage techniques: Rebozo massage, Chinese cupping massage, polarity massage, foot massage, acupressure.

Besides being a massage therapist, I have done special training to be able to give pregnancy, postnatal and baby massage. Plus extra study to understand the importance of using the right oil you need. Which oil may or may not be used etc. I only use organic essential oils.

Belly Binding


Full body massage plus moxa treatment
Bengkung or belly binding

Help your uterus and abdominal muscles to get back into shape after delivery. In order to get your uterus and abdominal muscles back into shape after childbirth, it is advisable to ‘tie’ your abdomen after childbirth. The warming Castor oil, with which I lubricate your belly, has a restorative effect on your body. You start with the abdominal wrapping in the first days after delivery. Unless you gave birth by caesarean section. In the beginning you wear the cloth 24 hours a day, after that most of the time only at night. During the session I will explain to you and/or your partner how you can put on the binding yourself. The binding I use can be borrowed, on payment of a deposit.

Mother Blessing ritual (3 a 4 hours)

Woman/mother ceremony, maximum 13 women

Mother blessing is literally translated: a blessing for the mother. What is now known in our society as a baby shower, which actually mainly concerns the baby. According to Najevo (Indian tribe in US) tradition, the mother is honoured that day for the journey she is making to give birth to her baby. It is not about gifts for the baby but about paying attention to the mother and spoiling her. To really put her in the spotlight and honour her because she deserves it. 

During this 3 a 4 hour, different rituals are performed to envelop the mother with love and confidence to give birth to her baby and for herself as a soft landing in motherhood. 

Sisterhood that comes together to celebrate the important transformation of an upcoming mother. Together we will make this day a special moment. 

 The following activities can be done:  

  • Drinking holy cocoa 
  • Guided meditation 
  • All a bead to take with me with an intention or wish that the mother can take with her on her journey of birth in the form of a necklace or bracelet. 
  • Affirmation card making 
  • Web weaving 
  • All women can take a plant or flower from her garden or house to make a crown of flowers. 
  • Painting the belly 
  • Foot bath with rose petals and essential oil 
  • Dancing 
  • Everyone brings some (homemade) food and we share a delicious lunch together 

*We can look together at which selection activities suit you or (if you organise it for someone else) the mother and create a nice composition. I will then come prepared on location and wear and supervise the ceremony. 

Rebozo closure - opening/ detox ritual (3 hours)

(caster oil belly pack, moxa, shoulder & face massage, Bengkung belly binding)

Usually a Rebozo ritual takes place 6 weeks after childbirth or 8 weeks to a Caesarean section or VBAC but a Rebozo ritual can also take place later in life or at another time in your life.

The benefits of a Rebozo ritual after childbirth:

  • Support with your posture after birth
  • Pelvic balance and positioning of internal organs
  • Emotional support and reduction of postnatal ailments (e.g. postnatal depression, pelvic instability)

Healthy recurrence in your body, menstrual cycles after pregnancy & childbirth
Together with another Doula we will listen to your birth story as we give a gentle hands-on massage, actually closing the body with soft rebozo scarves plus special postpartum herbal tea blend.

We are going to support you with:

  • Homeopathy remedies (if you wish)
  • Postpartum Herbs
  • Crystals (use them in space)
  • Moxa (you get a stitching)
  • Rebozo’s
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage (with your chosen organic essential oils)
  • Reiki
  • Polarity
  • Plus an organic self-care postpartum package
  • As you can see, all this method is to balance your energy and your body.
  • After the ritual you will feel emotionally and physically more aligned, supported and nourished. You enter into motherhood full of trust, grounded and present in your body.

Rebozo closing ritual

There is no better way to thank your body for all the work it has done. A Rebozo closure ritual is performed 40 days after delivery. In this session, which lasts about 3 hours, the focus is on thanking your body for all that it has done for you during pregnancy and childbirth. The session starts with a hot bath and a massage with different aromas (you choose which technique and oil you like) and then you will be wrapped up in the Rebozo cloths. Because of the close-fitting effect of the cloths, you will first feel firmly embraced and then, when unpacked, you will feel tremendously liberated. Google especially if you are curious and want to know more about this. For practical reasons I’m doing this session with your partner or, if that’s not possible, with another doula.

Rapid physical recovery through super nutritious and tasty meals.

One of the most important things to recover after childbirth is to eat. Eat a lot! Would you like to snack while feeding by always having something tasty but also nutritious? I make apple blondies, sweet potato muffins, pumpkin soups and many other recipes for you. All very responsibly and full of good nutrients for much-needed energy and rapid physical recovery.

If you are interested please ask for more information about postnatal support and its costs.

Balance and condition during your pregnancy

Cliënt FREE

Childbirth is like running a marathon. Therefore your body has to be in optimal condition for a smooth delivery. From an early stage of your pregnancy start with daily exercises, dancing, swimming, yoga will ensure an optimal condition of your body and mind. It also creates space and balance in your pelvis and uterus.

At every meeting I will observe your physical positions and discuss them with you. Many of our back pains/ pelvis complaints come from habits and position. Especially now that your body is asking so much of you, this is more important than ever. We are going to look for balance of your pelvis and uterus some extra space and relief for care especially in the later months of pregnancy. For this we will practice knowledge and techniques from Balance for Better Birth and Spinning Babies (https://spinningbabies.com).

A few tips that can provide comfort and relief for certain pregnancy complaints (pelvis, back and pelvic pain, flaccidity, constipation, etc.):

  • Daily outdoor walking at least 2km
  • Never cross your bees when you’re seated
  • Always sit straight on a ball if you have to sit for a long time and use a lot of support on the couch to keep your back straight.
  • Drink 2.5L WATER a day, even if you have to pee in your compartment (never hold back!).
  • In case of constipation – don’t drink hot water until the morning before doing your daily exercises… maternity tea (not black tea), blueberry juice
  • Sleep on both sides with a long cushion between the knees and ankles, not just the knees!
  • Ask for the vitamin combination you need now plus extra magnesium.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep… use lavender oil for your night’s rest.
  • Enough relaxation, laughter, dancing, massage and orgasm!

Don’t wear anything on your pelvis, not even your eldest child, pelvic exercise and more we will discuss during our meetings.

Partner lessons/ Childbirth Education

(from 28 weeks – 3x 2 hours)

Together with your partner at home we will dive into what is going on in your body and prepare you for what is to come. We will go into your wishes, breathing techniques, postures, the process of giving birth, hormones, (fear of) pain, how to deal with it, the role of and support by your partner.

more information:

Partner classes are meant to prepare you in what will come during childbirth. I will come to your home and together we will go diving in all around the birth. The different phases, what will happen and when will you have to do something. We go into your wishes, breathing techniques, postures, the process of childbirth, hormones, (fear of) pain, how to deal with it, the role of and support by your partner.

For this I use my person and knowledge as Doula, my background as a social worker, health educator at the GGD 2001, and more than 30 years of constant studies and knowledge about women’s health and pregnancy. During each lesson and workshop we pay a lot of attention to your body in balance and possible complaints (during the dependent months of pregnancy). Of course I will refer you to an expert if I don’t have an answer to your questions.

Topics we can deal with during the lessons are:

  • Different phases during childbirth
  • How does fear, tension, pain work?
  • Visualisation
  • Body in balance
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Contractions (what to do and how to cope)
  • Different movements and postures during childbirth
  • Massage technique and acupressure points (no we practice with your birth partner)
  • Pain relief (natural and synthetic)
  • Afterbirth; what to expect
  • Postnatal period (breastfeeding, nutrition and needs)
  • Medical interventions: pain relief, induction, Caesarean sections, VBAC (Vaginal birth after Caesarean section)
  • Birth wishes (at home, hospital, in bath, birthing centre, etc.)
  • The Dutch care system and pregnancy

During the private lessons we adjust the programme as needed. After the lessons you can continue to ask questions online.

Partner lessons/ Childbirth Education - Group ONLINE


The lessons are given in a part of the day of 3 hours, together with other couples we go through the programme and all the questions that come along.

Duration: 3 hours
Location: ONLINE

Topics we can deal with during the lessons are:

  • Different phases during childbirth
  • How does fear, tension, pain work?
  • Visualisation
  • Body in balance
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Contractions (what to do and how to cope)
  • Different movements and postures during childbirth
  • Massage technique and acupressure points (no we practice with your birth partner)
  • Pain relief (natural and synthetic)
  • Afterbirth; what to expect
  • Postnatal period (breastfeeding, nutrition and needs)
  • Medical interventions: pain relief, induction, Caesarean sections, VBAC (Vaginal birth after Caesarean section)
  • Birth wishes (at home, hospital, in bath, birthing centre, etc.)
  • The Dutch care system and pregnancy

We will have two webinars per month. Check the agenda to see which topics will be covered each time.

Join the Doula da Luz club under the name Meditation and Yoga club to get your discounts.


Vergoeding door zorgverzekering 2021

De volgende zorgverzekeringen hebben een vergoeding voor de doula in hun aanvullende pakket. De doula moet hiervoor aangesloten zijn bij de NBvD (dat ben ik).

  • Salland – Top en Plus pakket max €100,- 
  • Hollandzorg – Top en Plus pakket max €100,-
  • Energiek – Top en Pluspakket max €100,-
  • Zorgdirect – Top en Pluspakket max €100,-

Voor de volgende zorgverzekeringen kan er een gesplitste factuur gemaakt worden en kunnen de prenatale afspraken ingediend worden als zwangerschapscursus. De doula heeft een KvK-nummer en in de beschrijving bij de KvK staat dat zij beroepsmatig zwangere vrouwen begeleidt (dat is op mij van toepassing):

  • Amersfoortse extra €500,- Uitgebreid €750,- en Optimaal €1000,- per jaar
  • CZ in Basis en Plus pakket €100,- en in Top en Gezinnen pakket €200,-
  • Ditzo in Zorg (niet nieuw af te sluiten )best pakket 75% van het bedrag met een maximum van €400,-
  • OHRA uitgebreid pakket €200,- per jaar
  • Delta Lloyd aanvullend pakket €200,- per jaar