Isabel Mercedes

I am Isabel Mercedes (1970), partner, mother of two sons and living in Amsterdam since 1996. I speak Dutch, Spanish and English.I was born in the Dominican Republic, where I have been committed to the position of women since I was 16 years old. With theater, dance and health education at a women’s health center, I have stimulated women to continue to develop and to make their own choices. Once in Amsterdam I worked as a social worker in women’s assistance and as an entrepreneur.


My two births (hospital birth in 1999, at home at 5-high in 2004) introduced me to pregnancy care in the Netherlands. It was well organized, but something was missing for me. I missed someone who was there for me, who could support me and listen to me without judgment. From that experience arose the thought of becoming a doula.

I want to support and “empower” women when they need it most. As a doula, I can give you as much attention and care as you need. During the special moments of your pregnancy, delivery and the period afterwards, I like to be the one who is really there for you, who sees what your needs are and who really listens to you.

I have attended and completed the Doula courses of Jennifer Walker and Joyce Hoek-Pula at JJ Doula Amsterdam. I like to keep developing my skills so I regularly attend workshops, symposiums and expert courses on the themes of pregnancy and the period after childbirth.

Some great examples are “Spinning Babies” by Gail Tully, “Fasciatherapist” by Marcelo Windolph, “Balance for Better Birth” by Debra MacLaughlin, “Orgasmic Birth” by Debra Pascali-Bonaro, and “Born to Be” by Dr. Michel Odent.


Doula certification


The NBvD is the professional association for Doulas. I am a member of the NBvD. The codes of conduct used by the NBvD guide me in the work I do as a doula.

I am affiliated with and working on my postnatal doula training at the (only) organization in the Netherlands that offers help to families in the period after childbirth: The Postnatal Support Network.