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Food healing journey  & Kundalini Yoga Retreat


We’ve been in and out of lockdowns.Our bodies feel stiff and our thoughts slow.
The world is in need of healing. Therefore we want to invite you to a beautiful old monastery in the south of holland. A quiet place for reflection and inner work.

Are you looking for a weekend to disconnect and awake your intuition? All whilst being close to nature.  

To eat healthy food and deeply reconnect with your feminine energy through workshops, sharing circles, assignments, meditation, Kundalini yoga and a ceremonial cacao ritual. 

During this retreat you will learn how to listen to your body’s signal / your intuition. So you can discover what your body and mind needs in every moment.

A weekend to relax and talk, experience and share about the healing properties of food and mediation.

An Intuitive eating journey

  • Food workshops – Basics of the vegetarian kitchen and how to heal your body by Intuitive eating.
  • Learn to listen to what your body needs to eat
  • Healing foods to awaken your feminine energy and nourish your body and mind
  • A workshop on Intuitive Eating
  • A workshop on Healing foods to
  • Sharing circles & Garden Meditations


When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off (one of The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age)

  • Workshop: Awakening the consciousness 
  • Sunrise Kundalini yoga
  • Sunset Kundalini yoga
  • Silent reconnect walking meditation


  • Thursday 1st of April until Sunday the 4th april
  • A private room in style of the monastery for 3 nights
  • We will welcome you on Thursday at 18:00 with a special soul & heartwarming Ayurvedic soup
  • 3 fruit breakfast, 3 brunch’s, 2 dinners & healthy snacks (all meals are vegetarian, made with local products) 


Rebeca Solares
Guatemala raised, Amsterdam based. Holistic chef and founder of Gratefoodness. She has made it her mission to create awareness around food. Guiding people towards a healthy lifestyle through whole foods. The food choices we make daily have an impact on personal health, the communities we live in, and our home planet at large. 

Isabel Mercedes
Holistic doula, Kundalini teacher to be, mother, sister, daughter, descended from a lineage of shamanic women in maternal traditions and rituals. Living in Amsterdam since 1996, born in the Dominican Republic. Her mission is to stimulated women to continue to develop and to make their own choices.

Sid & Nella
Sid and Nella Bachrach are the hosts of the retreat location. They started their community De Weyst 34 years ago. Sid is an English teacher, famous garnder and writer. Nella is a chef and reflexzone therapist. 


The retreat will be hosted at a beautiful location: De Weyst, a former Capuchin Monasteryin, in Hande, The south Of Holland. It was built between 1850-1852 and the founder was Father Petrus, better known as Peer Schooi because the entire monastery was built through donations.

The Capuchin Friars built their monastery in Handel because Handel is a place of pilgrimage.  The building is now a national monument.

The new inhabitants of the Weyst, including the founder’s Sid Bachrach and Nella Bachrach-van der Jagt, live according to the principles and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and Lanza del Vasto, which are based on peace work, a just and non-violent society, and with respect for the environment and nature.


On Saturday we have a special activity for those who want to work on an even deeper level. We will be celebrating the spring season with a heart-opening cacao circle and sacred fire ritual to let go of old patterns and make space for new energy and new intentions for our body and soul.

Originally called ‘Kakaw’ in Mayan languages or ‘Xocolatl’ by the Aztecs, Theobroma Cacao is a mystical tree growing in hot and humid climates. It’s a tree which grows a tiny, intricate flower and a big, solid seedpod. The pods usually have all kinds of colors going from yellow to red, orange, green, or purple. They carry the seed which is surrounded by a delicious sweet white

mush that can be used to ferment the seeds. After the seeds are sun-dried, they’re roasted and then peeled. The end product is a crunchy and bitter bean packed with nutrients. Cacao is often called ‘Food of the Gods,’ the Greek word theo meaning God and broma meaning food or nourishment. Cacao was largely respected and recognized for its uplifting capacities as well as its capacity as an aphrodisiac and a nutritiously powerful food.

Investment €545.-

Because COVID-19 reasons we will have limited tickets. We work with the rules of RIVM.

For more information or please call: 
Rebeca (0623349951) or Isabel (0648921157)
Or sent an e-mail to

See you the first weekend of April!

With lots of love, 
Rebeca & Isabel

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